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Close to nature

Rønhave is located in beautiful surroundings at Kær Peninsula which is a part of Als. Fields and forrest surround the old farm with a great view the water. 

Cycling on Als

There is ample opportunity to go for a ride on a bike if you wish a longer trip. If you do not bring your own bike it is possible to rent one in the city at the Tourrist office.


There are lots of possibillities for angling from the coasts at Als. You will need a fishing licence to do this which can be bought at the tourrist office in Sønderborg. 

Hiking Paths

For those who likes to go for a walk it is poosible in Rønhaves park, in the surrounding forrests or near the water. Look after the brochure "Alssund" on the shelfs at the reception.

Hestehave 20, 6400 Sønderborg
CVR 35107452
+45 61 319 419 (mandag-fredag 9-17, lørdag 9-13, søndag 9-11)