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Go Green

Go green
Go green, B&B as green as we can

Here on Rønhave we are in constant development. We would like to show all the things we do everyday, to ensure that we keep ourselves, our surroundings and Rønhave in the best shape possible - because sustainability is durability. 


We never actually saw all of our everyday doings as a special act of sustainability, but purely as common sense. Although through the years, we have learned that maybe we should inform our guests more about the importance of the things we do and why. We want to keep developing our sustainability and our knowhow.


We only serve our breakfast prelaid, because we, in the early years, noticed a lot of not so appropriate cases regarding buffets and hygiene. We also decided on this approach, because we think it makes the atmosphere in our common room more calm and gives our guests room to talk and wake up nice and slow. Another pro about our prelaid breakfast, is that we take into consideration religions, beliefs and allergies of our guests. We also reduce unnecessary food waste, without compromising fresh foodstock and quality. 


Following are a couple of specific actions we take, to keep our conscience clear and protect nature and the planet;

- Vi turn off the refrigerators in our rooms, to prevent unnecessary use of electricity. 

- We make use of towel service. 

- We use a highly certified distributer for our linnen, who care about sustainability. 

- We clean our rooms after departure to minimize the use of chemicals and to make sure the rooms are cleaned properly.

- Our heat comes from wood pillet furnace, which is cheaper and less polluting than some other methods. 

- We reduce water in bathrooms and kitchens. 

- We use no disposable packaging. 

- 80-90% LED light bulbs both in the rooms and common areas.

- We have sensors on all our lightsources in the hallways. 

- Garbage sorting and recycling in our kitchen and as far as possible in our rooms.

- Individual temperature regulation in our rooms.  

- 3 tier windows in all rooms and in the common breakfast room. 

- Most of our raw materials and drinks are from areas nearby, so the transportation is minimal. 


This will hopefully only continue to grow as long as we are willing to learn. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our efforts and thoughts. 

Hestehave 20, 6400 Sønderborg
CVR 35107452
+45 61 319 419 (mandag-fredag 9-17, lørdag 9-13, søndag 9-11)